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Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks
Best-Ever Cook's Collection: Fish and Seafood. The definitive cook's collection: over 200 step-by-step fish and seafood recipes  ..
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Suggests delicious, imaginative recipes for parties, birthdays and special occasions. All the recipes have been thoroughly tested, are clearly set out and easy to follow. Advice on preparation and storage or freezing are included and a reference section covers basic sponge mixtures and icing...
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Casseroles recipes for casserole lovers...
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Comfort food can restore body and mind. Whether it is the beginning or end of a hectic day, we often turn to food for comfort and pleasure as well as nourishment. Clarissa Dickson Wright, the knowledgeable gourmet, has selected 100 of her favourite recipes to create an eclectic and inspirational col..
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This cookbook is full of recipes for Indian dishes, using oriental spices and traditional ingredients. It aims to cover the whole spectrum of Indian cuisine...
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Jamie Oliver invites you to Cook With Jamie. 'I can't tell you how long I've dreamt about writing this book. It's the biggest book I've ever done, and I've really tried to make it a timeless, modern-day classic. Whether you're a student, a young couple, an established cook or a novice, I'll take you..
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TV's most famous chef, Gordon Ramsay, throws open the doors to his home and reveals what he cooks, away from the frantic pace of his restaurant kitchen, in a relaxed domestic setting. Retaining all of his trademark excitement and passion for food, bestselling Cooking for Friends is packed with simpl..
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What's cooking? Find out in this cool cookbook - written by a teenager, for teenagers! A kid's gotta eat - and what better way to make sure that the food on your plate hits the spot than to make it yourself? Fifteen-year-old Sam Stern, with a bit of help from his mum, Susan, is more than happy to sh..
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Cupcakes are wonderful for afternoon tea of course, but these splendid and original little cakes should be given a much bigger role than that. Serve them as a special dessert at a chic dinner party (a different cupcake for each guest) or make a loved one (adult or child) a cupcake as a birthday cake..
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Brand: Ebury Press
In How to Cheat at Cooking, Delia has sourced a range of pre-prepared foods (from tins, chill cabinets, freezers and store cupboards) to help you short circuit cooking times and techniques. Readily available from supermarkets, delis, online food shops and farmers markets and of the very best qu..
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Brand: BBC Books
In this comprehensive book series, Delia returns to the very roots of cooking to look at the techniques and the staple ingredients which underline the best traditions of British cookery. Delia sees it as an answer to an urgent need. There are more recipes than ever on television and yet it seems tha..
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