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Activity, Licensed Books and Paper

Activity, Licensed Books and Paper
Dear Dork, Do YOU draw like a baby with a blunt crayon? Then help is at hand! Go from LOL to OMG!!! in six super simple steps.Awesome animals to draw, fun fill-ins, facts, coloring, and dork doodle sketch pages...
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Brand: Search Press
Richard Box explores line, tone and colour with numerous step-by-step illustrations and many finished drawings. Taking his inspiration from nature, he shows how to interpret subjects in a personal and individual way - from drawing trees in the landscape to representing the beauty of a mass of poppie..
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Brand: Golden Books
Happy Birthday! Join Peppa, George, and all their friends as they get ready for a birthday party! Includes stickers, birthday cards, invitations, games, and posters!..
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Scan the QR code in the step-by-step instructions to watch a Come Alive Crafts Art Engineer make cool clay models! Then follow the simple steps and use the materials in this kit to make your own.This kit contains:• 8 packets of air-dry clay• 6 polystyrene hemispheres• modeling tool• black beads• gem..
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Dear Dork,Do you draw like a rhino with a paintbrush? Then help is at hand!Go from IDK to gr8!!! in six super-simple steps.Super cute things to draw, fun fill-ins facts, coloring, and dork doodle sketch pages...
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Join Simba and his friends for exciting adventures as you learn to draw fun characters with your magnetic pen. The magnetic drawing pad is erasable, so you can enjoy the book again and again. Includes an easy-to-use magnetic pen!..
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Pencil drawing is a fundamental topic in art instruction and a good starting point for any artist, whether a novice or a master. Drawing: Dogs & Puppies teaches artists everything they need to know to achieve realistic pet portraits in graphite pencil. From choosing the right drawing paper and tools..
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Doodle away with this mini boxed set that includes three mini Dream Doodle Draw! books - perfect for creativity on-the-go! These mini doodle books are just the right size to slip into your pocket for unlimited on-the-go fun! With sea creatures to color, sunny scenes to doodle, and plenty of space to..
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Choose from the beautiful fabrics, then lift the playboard cover to dress the princess! Children will love creating outfits and completing the activities in the princess activity book. Kids can also have fun completing the Dress-up Princess Activity Book, with pages to design ball gowns for every oc..
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Packed with 400 full-color Easter- and spring-themed stickers, EyeLike Stickers: Easter belongs in every Easter basket and every crafter's stash. The high-quality, photographic images are amazingly lifelike in color and detail. The durable, reusable stickers are designed to be stuck on and peeled of..
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Discover all the ways your friends brighten your world with this 8x8 storybook that’s inspired by all of your favorite Crayola colors!I like to pretend I’m a rock star with my friends.I feel razzmatazz!I feel famous.I feel awesome.What color do you feel like when you’re pretending with your friends?..
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This new, sweet, smaller size retains all the storytelling and interactive fun of the original panorama sticker storybook format, along with its fold out panorama scenes and re-usable stickers, and is an irresistible read for Valentine's Day--and any day!This adorable storybook with fold out panoram..
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