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Proudly Nigerian, Proudly African.

Proudly Nigerian, Proudly African.

A collection  books from the best selling and up coming of Nigerian and African authors. Made in Africa for the world.

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Half of a Yellow Sun

An epic story of love and civil war set in Nigeria during the 1960s. Half of a Yellow Sun recounts t..

N2,000 Ex Tax: N2,000

June 12 by Abraham Oshoko

On the 12th of June 1993, a presidential election , adjudged free and fair by an overwhelming majori..

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6 Effective Steps to Your Better Self by Jennifer Gentet

How much do you know yourself? When you think of who you are, how does it make you feel? Proud? Happ..

N3,500 Ex Tax: N3,500

A Gecko's Farewell by Maik Nwosu

A Gecko’s Farewell is a novel about three Africans from different parts of the continent who meet in..

N2,500 Ex Tax: N2,500

A handful of Dust

In this collection , 19 stories speak of the myriad struggles faced by contemporary Africans. 'Adero..

N1,500 Ex Tax: N1,500

A Memory This Size and Other Short Stories

A chronically shortsighted young man finds himself the target of a preacher's miracle cure... Despit..

N1,500 Ex Tax: N1,500

A Pelican of the Wilderness by Jacquiline U.Agwu

At the turn of the century in Nigeria's Niger Delta., gangs and secret cults in the guise of militan..

N2,000 Ex Tax: N2,000

A Polity in Transition

A Polity in Transition: Chronicle of Nigeria’s Socio-Political and Economic Development 1914-2014, i..

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A Season for All Things by Damola Mabogunje

In his remarkable second collection of poetry, Damola Mabogunje examines the ups and downs, peaks a..

N1,650 Ex Tax: N1,650

A Small Silence by Jumoke Verissimo

Imprisoned for ten years for his rage against society, activist and retired academic Prof resolves t..

N2,700 Ex Tax: N2,700

A Stranger’s Pose by Emmanuel Iduma

A Stranger’s Pose is an evocative and mesmerising account of travels across different African cities..

N2,700 Ex Tax: N2,700

A Tailor-made Romance by Sadie Finney

Phoenix Advertising Agency rising star Tishe is looking forward to her first date with the sharply-d..

N950 Ex Tax: N950

A Taste of Love by Sifa Asani Gowon

Blurb “They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Yet in this delectable romance it i..

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African Violet And Other Stories

The Caine Prize is now in its thirteenth year. The judges panel is chaired by author and editor Bern..

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Against The Run Of Play by Olusegun Adeniyi Out Of Stock

Against The Run Of Play by Olusegun Adeniyi

By some historical accident, ‘Against the Run of Play’ is going to press at the mid-term of the Buha..

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Americanah- Paper Back

As teenagers in Lagos, Ifelemu and Obinze fall in love. It is during the dysfunctional military ere ..

N1,500 Ex Tax: N1,500

An African night's entertainment

"Put your money on this sheepskin," said the old man, "and if, by the time I finish my tale, there i..

N800 Ex Tax: N800

Are We The Turning Point Generation? by Chude Jideonwo

Why do many Nigerian leaders ‘change’ once in office? Will the present generation of Nigerians do a..

N950 Ex Tax: N950

Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide by Elnathan John

Becoming Nigerian: A Guide is a satirical collection that takes a searing look at how different form..

N2,700 Ex Tax: N2,700