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Educational Kits, Gifts, Games and Puzzles

Educational  Kits, Gifts, Games and Puzzles

Wide and quality collection of  games for the  whole family.  Parents and  children will learn a while having fun. This is easily shipped to customers around Nigeria, Africa, Worldwide

Explore the amazing world of Animal Jam, the online virtual world where you take on an awesome avatar and start exploring. This book reveals insider information about the game's world and its animal inhabitants. Packed with photos, facts, and fun, it's also a great guide to real-world animals, makin..
Ex Tax:N2,500
Brand: Hinkler
3... 2… 1... BLAST OFF! Kids can prepare to launch themselves into a universe of fun as they learn to make, decorate and go on missions with their very own rockets with Zap! Extra: Build Your Own Super Rockets!This power-packed kit includes two rockets and a launcher, as well as the parts to create ..
Ex Tax:N15,000
Over 75 timed puzzles to test your skills! Each puzzle gets gradually more complex, until you meet the ultimate challenge - a picture puzzle so hard that you'll be tempted to look at the answer at the back of the book! There is a time challenge with every puzzle and you can give yourself a score to ..
Ex Tax:N4,500
Brand: Hinkler
Learning to embroider is a perfect activity for those wishing to learn a meditative pastime and create gorgeous artworks to display in their home. But not only can you create art, embroidery makes for a wonderful way to shape what is old into something new again. Learning a variety of embroidery sti..
Ex Tax:N14,500
Brand: Hinkler
Kids will love discovering the wonders of electricity as they make their own amazing lemon-powered clock, create electric circuits and experiment with static electricity.Perfect for inquiring young minds, the activities in this kit are fun and educational, providing a strong introduction to the wond..
Ex Tax:N15,700
Brand: Hinkler
Kids will love discovering the wonders of machinery and robots as they construct a catapult, make their own machines and experiment with basic robotics and physics!Perfect for inquiring young minds, the activities in this kit are fun and educational, providing a strong introduction to the wonders of..
Ex Tax:N15,700
Brand: Hinkler
Get ready for hours of entertainment with Zap! Extra DIY Putty Lab! Squish, decorate, and experiment with your very own play-putty creations!This fun-filled kit has enough putty to get you started, plus a 48-page book about all the cool things you can do with it. There are projects for magnetic putt..
Ex Tax:N15,700
Brand: Hinkler
Kids will discover a world of exciting fun with these four shaped jigsaws! This action-packed set features a 3-piece coast-guard boat puzzle, a 6-piece ambulance puzzle, a 9-piece police car puzzle, and a 12-piece fire engine puzzle.Hinkler’s Junior Jigsaws are designed to captivate and entertain ch..
Ex Tax:N13,200
Brand: Hinkler
This kit includes a 48-page book with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to create 11 different bouncy balls. It also contains everything that you need to make a mesmerizing stripy, glowing bouncy ball, and a high-tech disco-flash ball that lights up when it bounces.• ..
Ex Tax:N9,500
Welcome to Tiny World!: A series of cutie-patootie mini-craft kits created especially for beginners. Coupled with materials to make an adorable, miniature project, this full-color, photographic, thirty-two-page book provides an overview of needle felting and step-by-step instructions to create your ..
Ex Tax:N4,850
Learning about animals is fun with Building Blocks: First Animals Floor Puzzle. This 28-piece jigsaw makes a large 34 x 52 cm (13 x 20 in) puzzle featuring bright, engaging images of popular animals. Early learners will love the handy poster inside to practise learning animal names and use as a refe..
Ex Tax:N9,360
Brand: Hinkler
How many flags of the world can you name?Uncover a whole new world of knowledge with this super-fun kit containing a 150-piece jigsaw puzzle showcasing the national flags of over 190 countries, plus a fact-filled sticker book featuring illustrated maps of each region.This jigsaw puzzle has a finishe..
Ex Tax:N12,000
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