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Children's Books

Children's Books

A large collection of story books to open up the minds of our children. Take them on a journey. 

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Peppa Pig: Daddy Pig's Lost Keys

Peppa and her family go to The Mountain Beauty Spot and when they go out to the car Daddy Pig is pla..

N1,000 Ex Tax: N1,000

Wonderful World of Reading: Cars

Welcome to the biggest race of the year! To the hotshot rookie racer Lightning McQueen, it was every..

N1,000 Ex Tax: N1,000

An Itch to Scratch HB

Big Gorilla's got an itch, and it's right in the middle of his back! All the animals suggest differe..

N1,450 Ex Tax: N1,450

Beauty and the Beast HB Out Of Stock

Beauty and the Beast HB

One day an old woman arrived at a castle. A prince opened the door. "Help me!" she cried. "No. ..

N1,650 Ex Tax: N1,650

Cathy Cassidy Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush Out Of Stock

Cathy Cassidy Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush

Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush is the first of five in this addictive series by Cathy Cassidy. Ch..

N850 Ex Tax: N850

Children's Atlas of the British Isles HB

A wealth of information on the physical and economic geography of the British Isles is packed into t..

N4,850 Ex Tax: N4,850

Chimp and Zee HB Out Of Stock

Chimp and Zee HB

Chimp and Zee go to Jungletown with Mumkey to buy some bananas. But Chimp and Zee think shopping is ..

N2,500 Ex Tax: N2,500

Clarice Bean, Utterly Me

Meet the fabulously feisty Clarice Bean in this utterly hilarious book from Children's Laureate, Lau..

N1,200 Ex Tax: N1,200

Decorative Painting: Step-by-Step Children's Crafts

Step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions show how to create a sun wall hanging, a pa..

N2,000 Ex Tax: N2,000

Dorothy Einon's Pre-school Play Book

A resource for parents, childminders and all who care for small children, this book contains instruc..

N3,500 Ex Tax: N3,500

Draw 50 Endangered Animals

Focusing on endangered animals, this is one of a series which presents a method of drawing a variety..

N2,000 Ex Tax: N2,000

Enid Blyton Naughty Amelia Jane Out Of Stock

Enid Blyton Naughty Amelia Jane

Amelia Jane is back with a new look! The other toys do their very best to try to teach her to be goo..

N2,000 Ex Tax: N2,000

Enid Blyton The Secret Seven Adventure Out Of Stock

Enid Blyton The Secret Seven Adventure

A priceless pearl necklace has been stolen, and the Secret Seven witnessed the thief making his esca..

N800 Ex Tax: N800

Enid Blyton's Goodnight Stories HB

This bedtime collection contains three delightful tales: The Toys'­ New Palace, Teddy and the E..

N2,950 Ex Tax: N2,950

Fairy Stories for Bedtime HB

Find out how the fairies of Wild Wood find a new home, how Noel the Know-All Gnome gets taught a les..

N1,250 Ex Tax: N1,250

Five Favourite Bedtime Tales HB

Five Favourite Bedtime Tales is a timeless collection of treasured stories that generations of child..

N1,500 Ex Tax: N1,500

Friendly Fairy Sparkly Padded Book HB

Friendly Fairy Sparkly Padded Book..

N3,450 Ex Tax: N3,450

Fun to Learn Reading by Diana Perkins Out Of Stock

Fun to Learn Reading by Diana Perkins

Tried and tested this science activity book for home-learning follows the framework of the National ..

N1,250 Ex Tax: N1,250