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Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers Paperback – 20 Aug 2010
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Brand: Wiley
Business Model Generation is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow's enterprises. If your organization needs to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don't yet have a strategy that will get you out in front of your co..
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Brand: Wiley
If you think economics is a complicated discipline that's reserved for theorists and the intellectual elite and has nothing to do with you, think again. Economics impacts every aspect of our lives, from what we eat, to how we dress, to where we live. Economics might be complicated, but it has ev..
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Brand: Wiley
Not just another house flipping bookYou can find plenty of books about flipping houses that claim "anyone can do it." Flipping Houses For Dummies takes a different approach—honesty. We don't claim that flipping houses is "easy" or "simple" or "risk-free," because, quite frankly, it isn't.F..
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