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With pages filled with emoji-inspired designs and doodles, Emoji Art is packed with fun pictures to finish! Children can use the designs to guide them as they fill the pages with their own fun doodles. This gorgeously designed book comes with an adorable emoji-shaped stacking pen!..
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Scan the QR code in the step-by-step instructions to watch a Come Alive Crafts Art Engineer make a pom-pom garland! Then follow the simple steps and use the materials in this kit to make your own.This kit contains:• 13 bundles of yarn• mini pom-poms• twine• ribbons• 1 needle• mini wooden clothespins..
Ex Tax:N4,860
Unleash your inner scientist, engineer, and artist with super-cool Star Wars projects.Learn about the galaxy we live in using inspiration from a galaxy far, far away.Stir up some sticky Jabba the Hutt slime, duel with lightsabers, race gliding landspeeders, create an erupting Mustafar volcano, and m..
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Girl power forever! Christopher Hart has created the perfect follow-up to his hugely popular coloring book, The Manga Artist’s Coloring Book: Girls!Coloring and manga fans will welcome Hart’s second exciting collection of adorable, irresistible girls! Featuring intricate backgrounds throughout, thes..
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Travel back to prehistoric times with this amazing papercraft activity book. Make, wear, play, and show off your fantastic paper creations - from dinosaur press-out-and-build models to T.Rex slippers you can wear while you stomp around your home. Paperplay your way through these beautiful pages . . ..
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Who knows what makes playing with slime so tactually satisfying. Whatever the reason, Ultimate Slime is here with over 100 borax-free recipes invented by the CraftySlimeCreator, Alyssa Jagan.Ultimate Slime makes creating gorgeous, satisfying slime easy! You’ll see how to do everything you need to cr..
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Take your slime to the next level! In Ultimate Slime Extreme Edition, you’ll find 100+ new, awesome, borax-free slime recipes and projects from slime master Alyssa J of @CraftySlimeCreator!• Slime Start-Up: Begin with essential ingredients and basic recipes, plus new ways to make slime, slime safety..
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Nothing beats the joy of a cardboard box!With this book you can build anything that goes vroom! From a race car to a rocket ship and so much more!Simple tutorials, handy tips, and inspirational pictures give you everything you need to build fourteen vehicles and anything else you can imagine...
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Brand: Parragon
Ahoy! Over 100 activities for young pirates to do. Young pirates could create posters, solve swashbuckling puzzles, the choice is endless. This book comes with a giant sticker scene and over 300 stickers and stencils to get creative. ..
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Brand: Parragon
Your own Royal Highness can create her own happily ever after with over 100 activities in this spiral bound book. They can create their own princess posters, complete sticker scenes, play the perfect princess card game, and solve princess themed puzzles! With a giant fold out sticker scene and 350 s..
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Make your own beaded necklaces and bracelets! Each set comes with an assortment of beads and elastic cords.  Enough to make 6 necklaces and 6 bracelets!Character card to hold and organize cords500 bead assortment in 10 different stylesMakes 6 necklaces and 6 braceletsRecommended for children ag..
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Brand: Crayola
You can let your children enjoy the fun of stamping without the stress. This Alphabet Stamper allows your child to manage their first steps in learning to draw letters, shapes, animals and much much more. With colourful stencils, durable and easy to hold, your little one has a supportive guideline t..
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