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Beads, Puzzles and Craft

Beads, Puzzles and Craft
Since its debut, the Pretty Little series has been a pretty big success - and this "best of" compilation presents 100 charming and totally easy needle arts projects from the previous eight books. From cozies, mini-quilts, and organic cotton pillows to pincushions, potholders, patchwork, purses and p..
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Scan the QR code in the step-by-step instructions to watch a Come Alive Crafts Art Engineer make cool clay models! Then follow the simple steps and use the materials in this kit to make your own.This kit contains:• 8 packets of air-dry clay• 6 polystyrene hemispheres• modeling tool• black beads• gem..
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Craft-a-Doodle Deux: 73 Exercises for Creative Drawing y Doh, Jenny
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Even non-artists can express their creativity with this fun follow-up to Craft-a-Doodle! Curated by Jenny Doh, it offers 73 beginner-friendly projects that combine doodling with a variety of popular crafts. Showcasing the unique and quirky styles of 18 crafters, the collection includes techniques ra..
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Brand: Hinkler
Learning to embroider is a perfect activity for those wishing to learn a meditative pastime and create gorgeous artworks to display in their home. But not only can you create art, embroidery makes for a wonderful way to shape what is old into something new again. Learning a variety of embroidery sti..
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Welcome to Tiny World!: A series of cutie-patootie mini-craft kits created especially for beginners. Coupled with materials to make an adorable, miniature project, this full-color, photographic, thirty-two-page book provides an overview of needle felting and step-by-step instructions to create your ..
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Brand: B.E.S.
Don't throw out that toilet paper roll - recycle it into a fantastic arts and crafts project! This book is full of awesome things to make with super simple step-by-step instructions, plus a ton of great craft ideas!..
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Brand: B.E.S.
Don't throw out those old socks - recycle them into fantastic arts and crafts projects! This book is full of awesome things to make with super simple step-by-step instructions, plus lots of great craft ideas!From a "socktopus" to a cute little owl, children will love these fun-tastic creatures...
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I Love Books: the perfect book for tweens who love to read! The perfect book for people who love reading! This innovative book divides into two: on one side are 30 bookmarks, perfect for kids who like to make notesas they read. On the other side is a keepsake journal where kids can write whatever th..
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This Come Alive craft kit has everything you need from marbling inks to tools and trays, so you can make amazing marbling masterpieces!Scan the QR code to watch one of the Art Engineers--MBI's squad of crafty kids--bring this fun, creative kit to life, explaining everything you need to do to become ..
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You must never touch a dinosaur. . .unless it's on a jigsaw! Little ones will love piecing together their favorite characters from our best-selling board book, Never Touch a Dinosaur! With creative silicone touches on each jigsaw to explore. Includes 3 touch-and-feel jigsaw puzzles for kids...
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Join Old Macdonald and the Animals in this Funny retelling of the popular Rhyme.Unfold the amazing 3-D Scenes in the Book, and then use your Toys to bring them to life!..
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Double your fun with these 76 special picture puzzles! First, kids can enjoy the challenge of completing a maze. When they’re finished solving the puzzle, they can color in the correct path and see a cool image hidden inside...
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