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About Spine and Label


01 Quality.

Quality for Spine & Label is an overarching core value which touches each and every area of our operations and delivery. Right from a well-designed workflow for ordering of book and other products, to efficient and timely dispatch of ordered products to tracked and monitored deliveries. We ensure quality at each and every stage of order execution. With a wide range of books and other products, and a well-managed inventory which is integrated with our portal, Spine & Label ensures that each and every order placed gets fulfilled in time and efficiently.

Most of our books and other products are sourced directly from our publishing and manufacturing partners respectively without any intermediaries in between. This helps Spine & Label in ensuring best quality at lowest prices. This also enables us to maintain excellence in style, durability and longevity of products we sell.

We offer quick and reliable delivery options with an efficient notification system which keeps you aware regarding the status of your order right from the time you order till it is delivered in your hands.

02 Security.

Spine & Label understands the need of safety and security in placing orders online. We have international e-commerce payment security standards in place which ensures that your sensitive financial information remains safe and secure when you pay for your orders!

03 Trust, Customer Service and Satisfaction.

Spine & Label is proud to say that Trust is one of the core fundamental values on which we operate. We believe that unless our customers trust us we cannot build a long term relation with them. Please be rest assured that once you place an order with us then we will ensure that you get what you ordered as promised with no compromise of any sort!

Spine & Label is aware of the fact that our customers ordering online may need assistance right from the time they search for a book or product online, during the placement of their order and till the product is delivered to them. Our customer service team is well-trained in handling all of your queries. Once you place your order with us, our customer service team will ensure that any problems that you face get resolved in a timely manner and you get the ordered product with the promised quality! Your satisfaction is thus guaranteed!

For more details, see our Delivery Information Section.

Who We Are

 Spine & Label is all about books! It’s at heart an online portal for books and school supplies!

Our love for books is evident in our name. Spine being the hard binding edge of the book and Label being the name printed on it. Spine & Label’s Team are passionate about books. Our desire to enable books to reach every nook and cranny of Nigeria is what resulted in creating this portal for Nigerian book lovers. 

Spine & Label is as Nigerian as it gets! Built by Nigerians, registered in Nigeria and built for the book lovers among Nigerians. We want to provide a platform where anyone in Nigeria can order their favorite books and get them delivered straight to their doorstep.

Spine & Label believes in giving back to the community. And what better way to give back than to empower the children of our communities with the knowledge from books. To fulfill this goal of ours, we will be establishing libraries across 10 communities by the end of 2018. If you would like to donate any books for this noble cause, then please send the same to us. 

What We Sell


Our range of books is as exhaustive as it gets. We sell books in a diverse range of categories which includes textbooks, Islamic books, biographies and memoirs along with children’s story books and books on cookery. 

Spine & Label is proud of its Nigerian heritage. This is the reason that we have dedicated a special section of our books’ offerings to Nigerian authors. Here we not only feature the bestselling Nigerian authors but also provide upcoming Nigerian authors a much-deserved platform to bring forth their works!

A book is a treasure trove of knowledge and should never be thrown away. We believe that books that are read and no longer needed by the owners can always find a new home. It is with this purpose that Spine & Label has an exclusive section for re-sale of previously loved and read books!

Art, Craft and Activity.

Arts, crafts and related creative activities play a major role in mental development of kids. Spine & Label has a dedicated section which fulfills all of your kids’ requirements to take part in arts and crafts activities and excel in them!

School Supplies.

Spine & Label’s school supplies section covers the basic needs of school going kids. We have an exclusive range of supplies ranging from plain t-shirts, school bags, lunch boxes and water bottles. We are sure your kid will love the range of school supplies which we have selected keeping in mind the preferences of today’s young ones.

eBooks and Devices.

Spine & Label has a section dedicated to electronic gadgets which you might require. Ranging from innovative and educative toys to computer accessories, we have got it all covered.

E-books are slowly gaining acceptance across the world. Recognizing this global trend Spine & Label is working on enabling the portal for e-book sales as well. E-books section will be out very soon!


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