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Paddington has warmed the hearts of generations of readers with his earnest good intentions and humorous misadventures. This brand-new edition of the classic novel contains the original text by Michael Bond and illustrations by Peggy Fortnum and R.W. Alley.Somehow Paddington always manages to find h..
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There is plenty of cause for concern when Paddington takes an interest in detective work. Not to mention sewing and ballroom dancing!..
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Somehow Paddington always find himself in extraordinary situations, so it is no surprise when he comes to the attention of the local police, appears in a popular TV cookery show and finds himself on stage giving one of his hard stares to a hypnotist...
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Work. Sleep. Fitness. Family. Friends. Pick Three.In an increasingly demanding world, we’ve been told that we can do everything - maintain friendships, devote ourselves to work, spend time with family, stay fit, and get enough sleep. We just need to learn to balance it all. Randi Zuckerberg doesn’t ..
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Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right the First Time, Every Time
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Media guru and Emmy Award-winning correspondent Bill McGowan—coach to some of the biggest names in business and entertainment, including Eli Manning, Kelly Clarkson, Jack Welch, Thomas Keller and Kenneth Cole teaches you how to get your message across and get what you want with pitch perfect communi..
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Multiplatinum musician, producer, and actor Wyclef Jean's revelation-filled memoir recounts his path to fame...from his impoverished childhood in Haiti to the bright lights of the world stage. Son of a pastor and grandson of a Vodou priest, Wyclef Jean was nine years old when his family left the Hai..
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A provocative and absorbing novel about a teenage girl’s intoxicating romance with a powerful older man and her discovery, decades later, that her happy memories are hiding a painful truth. A rising star in the London arts scene of the early 1970s, gifted composer Ralph Boyd is approached by renowne..
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A decade ago, Maryanne Wolf’s Proust and the Squid revealed what we know about how the brain learns to read and how reading changes the way we think and feel. Since then, the ways we process written language have changed dramatically with many concerned about both their own changes and that of child..
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Leadership is a relationship-intensive endeavor. If your people skills aren't strong, neither will be your leadership. In Relationships 101, Dr. John C. Maxwell provides time-tested principles for developing healthy relationships with others - inside and outside of your organization...
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The hidden key to successful transformation in any organization lies between human intuition and data-driven insights.Named by Time as a top five marketing innovator, Rishad Tobaccowala draws on research and interviews, as well as over three decades of experience as a business and thought leader, to..
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Rethinking Success: Eight Essential Practices for Finding Meaning in Work and Life by Holladay, J. Douglas
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Throughout his illustrious career, J. Douglas Holladay has taught generations of executives as well as students in his popular MBA course at Georgetown how to use a holistic approach to defining and reaching success in life and business.Success does not come with an instruction manual. Too often “su..
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In this hilarious take on Shakespeare for children 4 to 8 - with dinosaurs instead of people - Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex get along perfectly well until they realize that their families should be mortal enemies!“Your family would eat mine,” says Romeosaurus, who comes from a family of herbivores. Ye..
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