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Harper Collins

When Dad works from home, Nancy is ready to get down to business - as Dad's new assistant! But when Nancy tries to think outside the box, she accidentally creates an epic office disaster...
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Never Lost Again chronicles the evolution of mapping technology - the "overnight success twenty years in the making." Bill Kilday takes us behind the scenes of the tech’s development, and introduces to the team that gave us not only Google Maps but Google Earth, and most recently, Pokémon GO.He take..
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"What a sensible and timely idea-to treat people like adults and surround them with enough business information to do the right thing... Reading this book and then opening your books will do your employees and your bottom line a favor." -Rosabeth Mass Kanter, professor, Harvard business School, and ..
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An award-winning conflict consultant offers a new path to take when agreement and collaboration seem impossible, and teaches us that when conflict resolution fails, we can achieve freedom instead - even without others’ cooperation.A founding CEO and his top salesperson are engaged in a heated clash ..
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Set in the world of the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series and featuring fan-favorite characters Six and Sam Goode, this collection is also the perfect companion to the spin-off series Lorien Legacies Reborn!Teens across the globe have developed incredible powers known as Legacies..
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The Browns are going abroad and a certain bear is planning the trip. But, as Mrs. Brown worries, with Paddington in charge, "There's no knowing where we might end up!"..
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"Even Paddington can't come to much harm in half an hour," said Mrs. Brown.But who else other than Paddington could hang Mr. Curry's lawnmower from a treetop or set Father Christmas's beard on fire?..
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There hasn't been a single disaster since Paddington came back from Peru. But he soon makes up for lost time. The Stock Exchange, the ballet, the barber's shop, Mr. Curry's kitchen . . . nothing is safe when Paddington gets to work...
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Paddington doesn't intentionally turn his friend's wedding into an uproar by getting the wedding ring stuck on his paw. Nor doe he mean Mr. Curry to slip on his marmalade sandwich in the middle of an important golf shot. But these sorts of things just happen to a bear like Paddington...
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Somehow trouble always comes naturally to Paddington. What other bear could catch a fish in his hat, or cause havoc in the Browns' kitchen just by trying to be helpful?..
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Paddington's fondness for marmalade earns him an invitation to an "important ceremony." It also leads him into a lot of very sticky trouble, but as always he manages to come out on top...
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Paddington often finds himself in unusual situations. So it is no surprise when he gets in a spot of bother with some shaving cream, causes a London us to be evacuated and is mistaken for a Peruvian hurdler. There's never a dull moment when a certain bear is around!..
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