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Animals of the World

Animals of the World
Animals of the World
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The world teems with animals. Almost everywhere we look, creatures are going about their daily lives.

Animals of the World, in 256 fact-filled and image-packed pages, investigates and describes the anatomy, behavior and habitats of over 1000 animals form microscopic worms to gigantic whales.

This comprehensive and easy-to-use book boasts a wide range of features to help bring children face-to-face with the science, fascination and beauty of the living world. These features include up-to-date information in the dangers facing certain species and environments, animal records, obscure facts and amazing comparisons.

Animals of the World is divided into the following sections:

- Simple animals 

- Worms, snails and starfish 

- Insects and other arthropods 

- Fish 

- Amphibians and reptiles 

- Birds 

- Mammals

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