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Animal Puzzles (The Montessori Method)

Animal Puzzles (The Montessori Method)
Animal Puzzles (The Montessori Method)
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  • ISBN: 9781454930839

Give preschoolers the gift of learning with this Montessori-inspired early childhood book and box!
This box is filled with animal puzzle fun that teaches children about some favorite creatures—including deer, owls, foxes, and seals—and their habitats. Jigsaw-style activities help children master basic concepts, while an accompanying booklet explains how the process works. It not only stimulates learning through play: it enhances the child’s cognitive development. The activities become progressively more complex according to the three stages of a child’s learning: getting to know the material through sensory experience, recognizing the material, and being able to explain the material.

The box contains:

  • 24 tiles, corresponding to as many animals
  • A colorful poster depicting four habitats: savanna, jungle, forest, and the polar regions
  • 4 panels with 24 removable animals to decorate the poster
  • A manual explaining the activity, as well as useful tips to help you further your knowledge of the Montessori educational approach and apply it to your everyday life

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