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Combining individually die-cut cards with full-color illustrations plus hundreds of intriguing facts, statistics, and trivia, each Fandex Field Guide is a hand-held deck of information. "Cats", one of the first books in this series, is a celebration of America's number one pet, breed by breed...
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DARING CLIMBS, DEATH-DEFYING VOYAGES, DIVES INTO THE VERY DEPTHS--AND ONE SMALL STEP ONTO THE MOONFandex celebrates the dreamers, scientists, poets, and adventurers who opened the frontiers of our world. From the hard-sailing Phoenicians, whose masts were built from the cedars of Lebanon, to Ponce d..
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Give yourself a spa-like treat at home and tap into the full force of female energy with Shiva Rose, author of Whole Beauty and creator of the Shiva Rose line of all-natural, nontoxic skin-care products. Here are her favorite face masks, hair treatments, exfoliants for face and body, and nourishing ..
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Imagine finding a glimmer of good news in a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. And imagine how that would change the outlook of the 5 million Americans who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, not to mention their families, loved ones, and caretakers. A neurologist who’s been specializing in ..
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Renowned photographer George Lange's work is guided by one simple truth: An unforgettable photograph is not about what the subject looks like, but what it feels like. In this entirely new kind of photography guide, written by Mr. Lange and Scott Mowbray, magazine editor and longtime amateur photogra..
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Thoroughly revised for the revamped SAT, Up Your Score: SAT is the only test-prep guide written for students by students—all of whom achieved perfect or near-perfect scores and went on to the colleges of their choice. A complement and reality check to the mainstream SAT study guides, it’s the book t..
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All about dinosaurs: a card deck of fun facts that fit in your hand!Enter the world of dinosaurs and meet some of the most amazing creatures that ever walked the earth with Fandex Kids, a lively deck that’s packed with facts. Like the airborne giant, Quetzalcoatlus, with a wingspan the size of a sma..
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From Sean Connolly, the master of messy and dangerous (and therefore extra-fun) science, a collection of more than 20 hands-on experiments that are like an interactive journey through the periodic table of elements.In this  introduction to chemistry for STEM-curious kids ages 9 and up, each cha..
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Unplug Your Preschooler with more than 200 screen-free games and activities!From Animal Doctor to Lunch Bag Puppet, Letter Hunt to Life-Size Me, here are more than 200 screen-free games and activities to help kids enjoy the wholesome, old-fashioned experience of playing creatively and freely...witho..
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