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Crayola Marker Maker

Crayola Marker Maker
Crayola Marker Maker
Crayola Marker Maker
Crayola Marker Maker
Crayola Marker Maker
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Create your own custom colour markers in minutes! Use the mixing guide to create your colours-or make up your own. Includes the Marker Maker unit, components for making 16 markers, 3 bottles of ink, mixing guide, marker labels and 2 marker storage boxes.

  • Designed for ages eight and up, the Crayola Marker Maker is an interactive kit that contains everything you need to make 16 full-sized markers. The mixing guide helps you decide what colours you'll create--or you can make up your own. The factory makes it easy to turn your custom colour into a unique marker that you can click together and use.
  • In just a few easy steps, you can create a unique and colourful marker. Once you've chosen which inks to use, mix the colours together and dip the marker reservoir into the measuring tube. Watch as the marker core appears to magically fill with the ink. Enlarge Image
  • To complete the process, use the tweezers to remove the core from the tube and then assemble the marker with a cap, tip, and plug. To make the marker your own, attach a personalized label.
  • Marker Maker, three 1-ounce ink bottles, two marker boxes, two measuring tubes, mixing guide, tweezers, and 16 marker-parts sets (barrels, labels, cores, tips, caps, and plugs).

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