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Seven Seas

Brand: Seven Seas
Unable to escape Gamer's assault, Eita has been captured! He seizures the chance to free himself, but finds his path blocked by the Out-person serving at Gamer's side. Why would an Out-person work with their sworn enemies?..
Ex Tax:N3,636
Brand: Seven Seas
Gunzou might still be missing in action, but Iona is determined to make sure that his plan to smuggle a warhead across the Pacific Ocean goes ahead. If it's successful, it will give humanity a much needed win against the Fog. But in order for the plan to work, the I-401 will have to act as a decoy a..
Ex Tax:N3,672
Brand: Seven Seas
Asuka and her allies deploy in the Ukraine for a secret mission . . . only to run headlong into an ambush! What's more, their enemies are a pair of very familiar faces. Why would Tamara and Peipei turn on their old comrades? It's a clash between the strongest soldiers in the world, while Makino work..
Ex Tax:N4,050
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