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Nadia's khimar is old and worn so Mother decides to buy her a new one. But when they go shopping all the khimars that they see are too expensive. Nadia desperately wants a green khimar but knows Mother can't afford one. This is a compassionate tale of a mother's desire to make a beautiful Eid memory..
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Discussion of topics such as: Lawful and unlawful meat according to the Shari'ah, Dhabh method and its advantages, Alternative methods, Meat of animals killed by the ahl al-kitab, Statements of the Jewish method of slaying animals, Traditions of the, Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) concerning the treatment ..
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Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA) was the first boy to embrace Islam and later became the fourth Rightly Guided Khalifah of the Muslims. He was known for his wisdom and ability to judge with fairness and also never lost a fight in single combat. Illustrated in colour and recommended for ages 8 and over...
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Arabic Reading Lessons is an excellent compilation of different categories of reading material, both ancient and modern, which has been divided into six convenient sections.It contains extracts from the popular Alf Laila wa Lailah (A Thousand and One Nights), a masterpiece of Arabic literature which..
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The original 1987 Norwich seminar Usury: The Root Cause of the Injustices of Our Time, whose proceedings form the core of the of this work, had an extraordinary effect. After the endless analyses and altercations of left and right to which we were accustomed, here was an argument that went to the co..
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The author examines in fascinating detail the discrepancies between dates in assorted calendars - the interrelated pre-islamic, the Hijri, and the Julian calendars - and the days of the week ascribed to different events in the seerah of the Prophet (saw). He painstakingly relates them to the differe..
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A colouring book of mosques of the world, introducing the main external features of traditional mosques ..
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This coloring book introduces Arabic numerals from one to twenty with illustrations to help children to identify them when learning to count...
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At a time when many people are attempting to relate current events and trends in the world to interpretations of the prophecies contained in the Book of Revelations, and the writings of Nostradamus, and the predictions of fashionable clairvoyants, the author does much the same - but by referring to ..
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This book is like little drops of water from the great ocean that is the Mathnawi. In some places it is more literally adapted and in others more faithfully to the essence of the tale. If it has value it is that it will lead the reader to plunge into that astonishing work. The Mathnawi is known as "..
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The principal aim of this book is to induce the reader to make a re-evaluation of matters which he may hither to have deemed quite insignificant, but which are actually the most important issues in his life. In the process, he shall have to keep his prejudices in abeyance until he has made a re-appr..
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'And among the best of women were the daughters of the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be on him and them. This short biography explores the main events in the life of the Prophet's youngest daughter, Fatima az-Zahra, through whose children alone the Prophet's direct descendants are descended,..
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