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Wasannin Tashe by Muhammad Umar Muhammad

Wasannin Tashe by Muhammad Umar Muhammad
Wasannin Tashe by Muhammad Umar Muhammad
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Tashe, a vibrant Hausa tradition practiced during Ramadan, involves young people dressing up and performing for residents in exchange for small gifts or grains. Believed to be centuries old, the word "Tashe" itself comes from the Hausa word "Tashi," meaning "wake up."  It's thought to have originated as a way to rouse people for the pre-dawn meal, Sahur, during Ramadan.
Over time, Tashe evolved into a performance tradition incorporating singing, drumming, and even skits.  It served not only as entertainment but also as a way to informally transmit cultural knowledge. Today, Tashe is facing decline due to modernization, but efforts are underway to preserve this unique aspect of Hausa culture.

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