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What really happened during Yar'Adua's last illness? Segun Adeniyi, Yar’Adua’s spokesman, takes us behind the scenes of the former Nigerian president's mysterious disappearance to a Saudi hospital in late 2009 and his even more mysterious return to the country in 2010. Filled with political intrigue..
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Traversing Hills and Valleys by John Nduka Abaelu
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In Traversing Hills and Valleys, the author, John Nduka Abaelu, takes the reader on an autobiographic journey as he recounts in great detail events that impacted different stages of his life. Seemingly unrelated tragedies provide the initial impetus that pushes him on his journey through an educatio..
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Brand: Prestige
Why They Hate Us presents a compelling study of Ndigbo – norms, cultures and ‘Igbosyncracies’. Born out of the author’s desire to understand the widespread negative perception of Ndigbo within and outside of Nigeria, this book argues that Igbos have themselves contributed to creating and fostering t..
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