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Cassava Republic

Things are changing for the staff of Lagos firm City Finance, and not necessarily for the best. But for Ada Okafor, a bright, dedicated and beautiful trainee accountant, the only change worth noticing is the dashing, British-trained new assistant managing director Tony Okoli.Ambitious and determined..
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Making Futures brings together 18 young entrepreneurs from 14 countries doing incredible work across the continent. Their stories are both inspirational and aspirational; providing a template for readers who might be interested in embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey, and allowing others t..
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Mayowa and The Masquerades By Lola Shoneyin - Paperback
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Mayowa is unhappy because he has been told he will be visiting his grandmother in Ilisan. When he gets there, grandma pairs him up with the ever-hungry, fun-loving Denuyi. Together, they explore the town and all its wonders. By the time he returns to Lαgos, Mαyowa learns that there is more to life t..
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Measuring Time By Helon Habila
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Mamo and LaMamo are twin brothers whose mother leaves the world as they enter it.  They grow up in a small village in Northern Nigeria with a philandering and domineering father, Lamang.  Dreaming of escape, they decide to run away to become soldiers.  Mamo falls sick and is forced to..
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Nairobi Noir brings together some of Kenya’s most exciting and acclaimed writers, in this celebration of noir writing, played out on the streets of Nairobi.“Although the range of issues explored in Nairobi Noir is as diverse as its contributors, it all gestures toward a common theme. In this concret..
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New Daughters of Africa by Margaret Busby-Hardback
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This major new international anthology brings together the work of over 200 women writers of African descent, charts a contemporary literary canon from 1900 and captures their continuing literary contribution as never before.A magnificent follow-up to Margaret Busby’s original landmark anthology, Da..
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Nights of the Creaking Bed is full of colourful characters involved in affecting dramas: a girl who is rejected in love because she has three brothers to look after; a middle-aged housewife who finds love again but has an impossible decision to make; a young man who can’t get the image of his n..
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On the noisy Ajayi Crowther Street in Lagos, neighbours gather to gossip, discuss noise complaints, and faithfully head to church each Sunday. But beneath the surface lies a hidden world of clandestine love affairs, spiritual quackery and hypocrisy that threatens to destroy the community from within..
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Princess Arabella thinks her room is boring. So she decides she’s going to do something about that – all by herself.She mixes up some paints and in no time at all her room looks fabulous.The latest book about the popular little Princess Arabella, with fun information about mixing colours. ..
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 It's Princess Arabella’s birthday. She wants a very special present. But will she get what she wants?A happy story about birthdays! ..
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In a collection of creative essays that ranges from travel writing and memoir to reportage, Ellah Wakatama Allfrey brings together some of the most talented writers of creative nonfiction from across Africa.A Ghanaian explores the increasing influence of China across the region; a Kenyan student act..
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An affair between 55-year-old widow Binta Zubairu and 25-year-old weed dealer Reza was bound to provoke condemnation in conservative Northern Nigeria. Brought together in unusual circumstances, Binta and Reza faced a need they could only satisfy in each other. Binta – previously reconciled with God ..
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