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Little Simon

Brand: Little Simon
Joe and Rob are separated into two different classrooms in this fifth adventure in the hilarious Bots chapter book series.Many years ago, scientists on Earth sent video satellites out to the end of the universe to see what was hiding in deep space. Now, years later, these satellites have begun sendi..
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Brand: Little Simon
Hattie the Hen spots danger - but no one seems to care! In this delightful Classic Board Book, young children will enjoy happy shivers of anticipation as Hattie sees a fox in the bushes and the tale builds . . . until a final surprise...
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Brand: Little Simon
Mia Mayhem is learning to control her x-ray vision! She can’t wait to see through walls and crack secret codes. There’s only one problem: her glasses are way too big, clunky, and totally not cool! But she knows that if she wants to keep up with her classmates, she’ll have to adjust quickly. Will Mia..
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Brand: Little Simon
Mia Macarooney is a regular eight-year-old girl who finds out that she’s A SUPERHERO! Her life literally goes from totally ordinary to totally super when she’s invited to attend the afterschool Program for In-Training Superheroes a.k.a. THE PITS! And the crazy thing is, in a weird meant-to-be sort o..
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