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300 Astronomical Objects is a handy and comprehensive reference to the most interesting celestial objects. It takes readers on a photographic tour through the galaxy, from its solar core to its outer limits, stopping to view all the highlights and give the very latest data about the universe. Conven..
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Brand: Firefly Books
Modern cake design is a combination of artistry and chemistry, and Cake Couture is your expert guide to the entire cooking and creative process.Complete with moder full-color photography, this masterful companion has easy-to-follow, illustrated, step-by-step instructions for crafting chic cakes with..
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Brand: Firefly Books
Home cooks will have more fun baking with chocolate when they use this highly visual cookbook. Chocolate Basics makes cooking with chocolate easy, and the results are consistently tasty too. The pictorial format of each recipe takes the mystery out of working with chocolate for beginners. The book c..
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Brand: Firefly Books
Coaching Kids' Soccer is a comprehensive and sensible guide whose goal is to improve individual skills and develop teamwork and sportsmanship among youth. Always stressing safety, fun, progressive learning and the natural development of participants, Stuart Page explains how to engage young players ..
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Brand: Firefly Books
This exciting collection of answers to the most intriguing questions kids ask about freshwater lakes is presented in this lively and colorful book that will fascinate and inform readers, both young and old.Loaded with illustrations, photos and maps, it poses questions relating to ecology, science, h..
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Brand: Firefly Books
A practical guide to outdoor features and landscaping for the green home. Eco Design Outside features dozens of photographs of cutting-edge designs in real-life context with informative captions, house and garden plans, and electrical, water and lighting schematics. Combining ideas with achievabilit..
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Brand: Firefly Books
With thousands of vivid illustrations--each one labeled in detail--the Firefly French-English Visual Dictionary is the ultimate reference guide to the world around us. Well-researched terms in both English and French cover everyday objects and highly specialized equipment across 14 subject areas. Re..
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Brand: Firefly Books
The My Cooking Class series comprises nine titles, including three new ones. Their success is attributed to a refreshing approach that presents every recipe in complete visual sequences from start to finish. Every ingredient and every step is shown from above and in full color so that it's as true t..
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Brand: Firefly Books
A beautifully illustrated dictionary of 26 insects.Insects A to Z uses an accessible and successful format to describe 26 insects. Each page features two full-color photographs of the insect and one or two descriptive paragraphs. There are also the Latin and common names of the order, family, g..
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Brand: Firefly Books
Renowned photographer and science writer Wayne Lynch has a passion and fascination for the members of the penguin family. A self-described "penguin addict," he has logged more than 130,000 miles to sit among hundreds, sometimes even thousands of penguins on the far-flung beaches of the Galapagos Isl..
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Brand: Firefly Books
In The Crown: Dissected, Seasons 1, 2 and 3, Hugo Vickers applies the same episode-by-episode approach for the third season of the popular series as he did in The Crown: Truth & Fiction, which covered the first two seasons. He analyzes plot, characterization and historical detail in each storyline a..
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Brand: Firefly Books
With the ability to probe deep into the cosmos and see it as it appeared over 13 billion years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope has revealed the vast scope of the expanding universe beyond our solar system, ,offering astronomers a view into the past, present and future. In this book, readers will lea..
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