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Farafina Kamsi

Why do many Nigerian leaders ‘change’ once in office? Will the present generation of Nigerians do any better than its predecessors? Was Occupy Nigeria indeed a failure? Is ‘One Nigeria’ really worth it? These and many other difficult questions are raised in this timely collection of essays on t..
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From Storeroom to Boardroom by Babs Omotowa - Paperback
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In 1992, the young Babs Omotowa accepted an offer to work in the materials department of a multinational oil company. And this was the start of an exciting journey up the corporate ladder – one that would see him go on to head corporations and global functions in Nigeria, the UK and the Netherlands ..
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French journalist Sophie Bouillon documents living in Lagos in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. In this thoughtful narrative non-fiction, Bouillon explores everyday life in Lagos through experiences from her career and personal life.In one unforgettable year, the city was rocked by explosions, evi..
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