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Ali bin Abi Talib (R) was one of the early people who believed in the religion of Islam while still a boy. He lived in the Prophet's house and imitated him in all he did, led a humble life till the last moment of his life. The Prophet loved him very dearly. He took him as his brother in Islam. He pr..
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 Ribaa is forbidden because Allah has forbidden it 11. What Allah has forbidden does not benefit mankind 12. Ribaa is a prohibited type of transaction 13. Qiiyaas is only, allowed where there are no texts in the Qur'an or Sunnah 14. Ribaa is forbidden any way you look at it 15. Allah has allowe..
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Actually, the topic of Tawassul (using a means to seek Allah's help) is one of the controversial issues among Muslim nation that has not been understood in its due perspective, and which proved hostility and hatred among different groups...
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"One of the earliest converts to Islam and supporters of Prophet Muhammad(saw) was his cousin Az-Zubairbin AI-'Awwam He accepted Islam when he was only fifteen years old, in spite of the small number of Muslims at that time. He grew up to be a great hero and warrior for the cause of the Muslims. He ..
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Electronic one-touch Quran recitation (short Suras) and dua device for children...
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The book is called Beyond Mere Christianity for two reasons. First, in response to C.S. Lewis' influential 1952 work, Mere Christianity, which stands as a masterpiece of Christian apologetics. The second reason, perhaps less obvious, is that a case can be made, based on current, responsible Gospel s..
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Cleanliness is declared as half of the faith in Islam. Discover why Islam exerts so much stress on cleanliness...
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"This book is about the lives of those noble Companions and Commanders who led the Islamic forces in the violent and strife-torn arenas of conflict against the Kuffar (disbelievers). They struck terror in the hearts of the enemy and the strong forts and palaces of Caesar and Chosroes trembled before..
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This booklet talks about topics concerning divorce such as the Meaning of provision, Divorce in Islam, After Divorce, and more...
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In Light Of The Authentic Ahadith and supporting your duas...
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Death may catch up with you anytime. Who knows, maybe this is the moment. Or, it may be much closer than you have ever expected.These lines can be the last opportunity, the last reminder, the last warning before death comes upon you. As you proceed with these liens, you can never know that you will ..
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The decisive encounters between the East and West- Islam and Christendom-in the fields of war or peace had the most far reaching effects on their destinies. This is one of the most important subjects of Islamic history, indeed perhaps the most important of all. Besides its abundant and eventful epis..
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