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Sports, Hobbies & Games

Sports, Hobbies & Games
Brand: Firefly Books
Coaching Kids' Soccer is a comprehensive and sensible guide whose goal is to improve individual skills and develop teamwork and sportsmanship among youth. Always stressing safety, fun, progressive learning and the natural development of participants, Stuart Page explains how to engage young players ..
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Brand: Clarion Books
Un rayo de luz en mis kicks ...La cancha está QUEMANDO.Mi sudor está LLOVIZNANDO.Ya 'stuvo con eso de estar temblando.Es que esta noche voy entregando.El fenómeno del básquetbol, Josh Bell, y su hermano gemelo, Jordan, son los reyes de la cancha, con esos crossovers inesperados que hacen llorar a lo..
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From 2015 WNBA MVP, 2016 Olympic gold medalist, and global ambassador to the Special Olympics Elena Delle Donne comes the second novel in a brand-new middle-grade series with as much heart as there is a game.When the basketball team is invited to have a service day at the school-affiliated after-sch..
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Brand: Penguin Books
The SHOOTING STARS were a bunch of kids from Akron, Ohio - LeBron James and his best friends - who first met on a youth basketball team of the same name when they were ten and eleven years old. United by their love of the game and their yearning for companionship, they quickly forged a bond which wo..
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On the Origins of Sports is an illustrated book built around the original rules of 21 of the world’s most popular sports, from football and soccer to wrestling and mixed martial arts. Never before have the original rules for these sports coexisted in one volume. Brimming with history and miscellany,..
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An exploration of the transformative power of running--and it can be the key to unlocking resilience we never knew we had. With a foreword by Dean Karnazes.Outrunning the Demons is an in-depth exploration of just why running can so often seem the answer to everything when you find yourself in extrem..
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A gripping, all-access biography of Joe Frazier, whose rivalry with Muhammad Ali riveted boxing fans and whose legacy as a figure in American sports and society enduresHistory will remember the rivalry of Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali as one for the ages, a trilogy of extraordinary fights that transc..
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Every year, more and more children join the exciting world of soccer - is your child one of them? Help them be the best player they can be, with this helpful and informative guide to one of the popular youth sports in the US!In the latest edition of The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book, kids will find p..
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This is more than just a crossword dictionary: it helps beginners learn the most often-used words in crosswords (and their clues) and shows them how to avoid common tricks and traps.With this book, beginner crossword solvers can learn the ropes and quickly improve their puzzle skills. In addition to..
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The Complete Book of Soccer is the "must have" read for all of the game's enthusiasts. Packed full of facts and information, as well as stunning images, it covers every aspect of what is the world's most popular sportFrom the origins of the game, right through to details of all the sports top compet..
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Brand: Adams Media
Disconnect from a device-oriented world and rediscover the classic Chinese game of mahjong - while improving focus, creativity and stimulating memory - with this comprehensive yet gifty guide that includes all the basics of the game, tips and techniques on how to play, and strategies to win both int..
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Why are tennis balls yellow? What is octopush? Kids will love discovering the answers to these questions and hundreds more in this fascinating book of sports! Featuring 256 pages of colorful photos, illustrations and mind-boggling facts...
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