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Colours of Hatred by Obinna Udenwe - Paperback

Colours of Hatred by Obinna Udenwe - Paperback
Colours of Hatred by Obinna Udenwe - Paperback
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On her deathbed, Leona seeks forgiveness by confessional. Dastardly as the sin is, it is an act of love, loyalty, disobedience, and perceived fairness. How did she get here, where she, an internationally renowned model, is forced to kill her father-in-law to avenge her mother's death? Set against a background of real events, Colours of Hatred is a complex web of plots detailing a woman's journey from childhood through the fire and anvil of love, loss, betrayal, lust, and duty. Obinna Udenwe's Colours of Hatred is a daring novel that spans decades in its examination of how the effects of violence, political upheaval and revenge can alter the lives of individuals irrevocably. Karen JenningsAuthor of Finding Soutbek and other titles.A densely textured novel that produces a fresh view of the diverse ethnicities and impressive cultures of two countries; Nigeria and Sudan, with its deeper currents that work beneath the surface to reveal the otherness that hasn't been comprehensibly perceived. Socio-cultural fusions and clashes are deftly sketched and explored through a bi-cultural perspective, where one can see the variables on both sides of the equation. The wonderfully evocative narrative shines a bold light on the darkest corners of ethnic tensions, wars that leave unmistakable scars on both people and homes, where the worst fears are painfully confirmed. Lemya ShammatAssistant professor and former head of the languages and cultural studies department at King Saud Bin Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. Udenwa's Colours of Hatred is both a commentary on contemporary Nigeria and an exploration of the power of love. He writes passionately about innocence and the loss of it, loyalty and betrayal, love and lust. Chika UnigweAuthor of On Black Sisters Street and other titles. Obinna Udenwe paints vivid pictures of life and family complexities in this novel. Colours of Hatred is a contemporary tale of malice, mental health, parenting, and of posterity. Amara ChimekaEditor and Publisher at Purple Shelves.

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