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Tarcher Perigee

HGTV cofounder Susan Packard launches the next chapter in emotional intelligence (EQ), and shows you how to increase your personal satisfaction and productivity - in work and life - via her three-step path toward EQ Fitness.Emotions can sink us, or they can power us like fuel to succeed. Many of us ..
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In this well-written and well-researched social history F.R. Cowell succeeds in making Life in Ancient Rome alive and dynamic. The combination of acute historical detail and supplementary illustrations makes this book perfectly suited for the student preparing to explore the classics, as well as the..
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Weird Parenting Wins: Bathtub Dining, Family Screams, and Other Hacks from the Parenting Trenches by Frank, Hillary-Paperback
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Unconventional--yet effective--parenting strategies, carefully curated by the creator of the popular podcast The Longest Shortest TimeSome of the best parenting advice that Hillary Frank ever received did not come from parenting experts, but from friends and podcast listeners who acted on a whim, of..
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Rumi's inspiring and deceptively simple poems have been called ecstatic, mystical, and devotional. To writer and activist Melody Moezzi, they became a lifeline. In The Rumi Prescription, we follow her path of discovery as she translates Rumi's works for herself - to gain wisdom and insight in t..
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