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Brand: B.E.S.
In the pages of this book, you'll find 36 amazing projects that your kids will love making. Who needs a plain old fashioned craft project when you can create a narwal, panda, poop emoji, skull, cactus, or cake? Find a plethora of squee-gee worthy crafts to make, including: Instructions for making ..
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Brand: B.E.S.
This incredible creativity book for science-mad young inventors is packed with drawing and coloring activities, plus puzzles, mazes, games, and great things to make!Make-and-do• Flying helicopters• Model robot• Flip book movie • Paper airplaneIncludes:• Stacks of stickers• Colorful fold-out sticker..
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Brand: B.E.S.
Every day and all over the world, millions of people take countless photographs. Yet only a few of those images stand out from the rest, demand the world's attention, and survive the test of time. This unusual book showcases 100 outstanding photographers and points out the unique qualities that make..
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Brand: B.E.S.
This dictionary includes all the grammar, punctuation, and spelling terms that children need to know in their first years at school.The flash cards have a question on one side and a clear answer on the other, with lots of examples that make learning fun.Child-friendly explanations and colorful birds..
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