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Take a journey from your doorstep into outer space! Zoom through the Solar System, discovering satellites, comets and asteroids along the way. Explore craters on Mars, moon-hop around Jupiter, and get a close-up view of Saturn's amazing rings. Just don't travel too close to the Sun! Packed with live..
Ex Tax:N5,670
How do hurricanes form Why does the moon change shape What are tectonic plates You'll discover the answer to these questions and many more when you step inside the inner workings of Planet Earth! From digging deep under the ground to floating to the highest layer of the atmosphere – you might be sur..
Ex Tax:N5,256
Nothing beats the joy of a cardboard box!With this book you can build anything that goes vroom! From a race car to a rocket ship and so much more!Simple tutorials, handy tips, and inspirational pictures give you everything you need to build fourteen vehicles and anything else you can imagine...
Ex Tax:N6,500
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