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Spring 1941 was a high point for the Axis war machine. Western Europe was conquered; southeastern Europe was falling, Great Britain on its heels; and Rommel’s Afrika Korps was freshly arrived to drive on the all-important Suez Canal. In Blood, Oil and the Axis, historian John Broich tells the story ..
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Brand: Abrams Book
Thirty leaders in diverse fields share their secrets to navigating the rocky road to success. In an honest, direct, and engaging way, these role models describe the obstacles they faced, the setbacks they endured, and the vital lessons they learned. They dispense not only essential and practical car..
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Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation
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Brand: Abrams Book
Octavia E. Butler’s bestselling literary science-fiction masterpiece, Kindred, now in graphic novel format. More than 35 years after its release, Kindred continues to draw in new readers with its deep exploration of the violence and loss of humanity caused by slavery in the United States, and its co..
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Brand: Abrams Book
Josie Iselin, the author of Abrams’ popular Heart Stones, turns to sea glass hearts for a companion volume that promises to be just as appealing. Beachcombers the world over treasure sea glass—the shards of broken glass that are tumbled by the waves into smooth, pebblelike forms. They know which col..
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The Human Planet is a sweeping visual chronicle of Earth, revealing both its untrammeled natural features and the human project that relentlessly redesigns its surface in its quest to build shelter, grow food, generate energy, and create beauty through rt and architecture. It is a primary document o..
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The first major biography of the trailblazing and controversial children’s author E. Nesbit Edith Nesbit (1858–1924) is considered the first modern writer for children and the inventor of the children’s adventure story. In The Life and Loves of E. Nesbit, award-winning biographer Eleanor Fitzsimons ..
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The World of Anna Sui by Blanks, Tim-Hardcover
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Anna Sui is one of New York’s most beloved and accomplished fashion designers, known for creating contemporary original clothing inspired by spectacular amounts of research into vintage styles and cultural arcana. She is especially famous for her textile prints. Sui joined New York’s intensely creat..
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Since Tintin first appeared in 1929, he has captivated generations of children and adults alike. Millions followed Tintin’s journeys from the wilds of the Congo to the streets of Prague, Moscow, and New York. Published in 2013, Tintin: The Art of Hergé attracted Tintin fans everywhere by offering in..
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LaTonya Yvette, the blogger and stylist behind the eponymous site, is unapologetically candid about life’s trials, including motherhood, love, death, and racism. Her first book, Woman of Color, is part memoir, part lifestyle guide—packed with moving essays, gorgeous original and archival photographs..
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Brand: Abrams Book
A celebration of the history-making women of the 116th Congress, who stand as a testament to what power looks and sounds like in 2019The first woman Speaker of the House. The first female combat veteran. The first Native American women. The first Muslim women. The first openly gay member of the Sena..
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