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Animal Antics - Winners Medals 5 in a pack. Sold as a pack of 5 medals.  ..
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Brand: Crayola
This 12 pack of Crayola Anti-Dust White Chalk is perfect for writing and drawing on blackboards. The special anti-dust formula in these chalks minimises the inhalation of dust. Designed to be strong, Crayola Chalk is less likely to break and provides consistency throughout the stick...
Ex Tax:N1,500
Brand: Crayola
Crayola chalksPack of 12Anti-dust designColour: Multi-colouredSize: One size..
Ex Tax:N1,500
Brand: Crayola
The Crayola Chalk and Duster Set contains a pack each of Crayola White Chalk and Crayola Coloured Chalk, as well as a Cryola Chalkboard Duster. Crayola chalk writes smoothly, will not break easily and is not harmful to skin..
Ex Tax:N3,500
Brand: Crayola
Crayola Doodle Colour Roll is convenient and worry-free creative space for children to use on their own.It has a large reusable drawing surface with a soft roll up design that makes clean up easy.The technology of this product delivers a different colour lay down than what you might expect from trad..
Ex Tax:N16,000
Brand: Crayola
With Color Core Sidewalk Chalk, it's fun and easy to create outdoor art with double-shadow effects. Perfect for sidewalks and driveways, this set gets kids outside for imaginative fun. Children can write attention-grabbing messages with bold lettering and creative, colorful artwork. They can also ad..
Ex Tax:N1,950
Brand: Crayola
Watch colors magically swipe away with Doodle Magic, the marker and drawing surface system! Roll out this huge 60cm x 90cm coloring surface for hours of worry-free creativity on the floor, wall or on-the-go. Crayola Doodle Magic Ink provides color that disappears with water! No soap or washing neede..
Ex Tax:N13,950
Brand: Crayola
With the Doodle Magic Lap Desk, kids can create vibrant, colorful doodles and designs. Use the included markers to sketch on the lap desk's drawing surface. When you're done, wipe the surface clean with the included color eraser and cloth.This desk is specially designed to rest on kids' laps while s..
Ex Tax:N14,950
Brand: Crayola
Watch colours magically swipe away with the Crayola Doodle Magic Travel Pack! Simply select your colours then doodle, swipe, wipe, and colour again for creativity that you can take with you wherever you go!Key FeaturesThe Crayola Doodle Magic Travel Pack includes: a Crayola Doodle Magic Travel Board..
Ex Tax:N10,500
Green and blue waterproof Junior gardener 30cm canvas carry bag with 6 handy pockets for small tools...
Ex Tax:N2,100
Exciting gardening tools for children. Perfect for learning and exercise. These range are perfect for little hands.Available in Purple, Red/Green Colors...
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Brand: Crayola
This set includes five sticks of chalk, so kids can enjoy several outdoor art sessions. And because each stick has four colors in one, kids can create unique patterns and colorful lines that are totally unlike drawings with regular chalk. The vibrantly multicolored chalks pop against sidewalks and d..
Ex Tax:N3,065
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