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Paint, Clay and Chalk

Paint, Clay and Chalk
The Artist's Toolbox series provides easy-to-use reference guides for beginning and aspiring artists. While many instructional art books gloss over important concepts, focusing instead on how to simply replicate a piece of art, the Artist's Toolbox series breaks down the whats, whens, whys, and hows..
Ex Tax:N3,800
Brand: Crayola
This 12 pack of Crayola Anti-Dust White Chalk is perfect for writing and drawing on blackboards. The special anti-dust formula in these chalks minimises the inhalation of dust. Designed to be strong, Crayola Chalk is less likely to break and provides consistency throughout the stick...
Ex Tax:N500
Brand: Crayola
Crayola chalksPack of 12Anti-dust designColour: Multi-colouredSize: One size..
Ex Tax:N850
Brand: Crayola
The Crayola Chalk and Duster Set contains a pack each of Crayola White Chalk and Crayola Coloured Chalk, as well as a Cryola Chalkboard Duster. Crayola chalk writes smoothly, will not break easily and is not harmful to skin..
Ex Tax:N3,500
Brand: Crayola
Crayola Tempera Paint provides ultimate opacity and coverage. The creamy consistency dries to a matte finish that won't crack or flake. Tempera works well on many absorbent surfaces like construction paper, cardboard tubes and papier-mache. 8 brilliant classic colors in convenient tubes.The pac..
Ex Tax:N5,700
Brand: Crayola
Crayola Washable Paint (6 Pieces)..
Ex Tax:N7,250
Brand: Crayola
Large Palette With 12 Long-Lasting Cake Colours That Are Chromatically Arranged High Quality Natural Paint Brush Included To MakeA Complete Ready-To-Use Set Easy To Carry Palette Can Also Work For Mixing Colours.Portable, large palette in 12 popular coloursIncludes paintbrush..
Ex Tax:N2,000
Brand: Crayola
Easy grip paint brush and large mixing tray helps toddlerWashable Crayola paints , worry free for parentsMixing tray to create their own unique colors..
Ex Tax:N6,500
Brand: Crayola
The Crayola Painting Case contains everything your little ones need for creative fun. It features different types of paints and accessories for different creative effects. This amazing set includes 10 bottles of washable paint, 1 roller, 5 paint brushes of different sizes, 8 sponges for water-colour..
Ex Tax:N15,500
Brand: Crayola
Helps Kids develop gross motor skillsIt is washableE-Z Squeeze tubes help to control paint flowFlip top capHelps kids develop gross motor skillsIt is washableE-Z Squeeze tubes help to control paint flow..
Ex Tax:N5,500
Brand: Crayola
Crayola Metallic Paint adds extra shine to your creative masterpieces. Crayola Washable Kids' Paint is a non-toxic water-based paint that’s great for art, crafts and school projects. Decorate book covers, signs or posters. Use various brushes, stamps or sponges to create interesting patterns and des..
Ex Tax:N4,500
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