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Business, Management, Law and Finance

Business, Management, Law and Finance
An explosive behind-the-scenes look that reveals for the first time the unsettling details of Nike's secret running program—the Nike Oregon Project.In May 2017, journalist Matt Hart received a USB drive containing a single file—a 4.7-megabyte PDF named “Tic Toc, Tic Toc. . . .” He quickly realized h..
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In this sensitively told tale of suffering, brutality, and inhumanity, Worse Than Slavery is an epic history of race and punishment in the deepest South from emancipation to the Civil Rights Era and beyond.Immortalized in blues songs and movies like Cool Hand Luke and The De..
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Small changes can make a big difference in your powers of persuasion What one word can you start using today to increase your persuasiveness by more than fifty percent? Which item of stationery can dramatically increase people's responses to your requests? How can you win over your rivals by inconve..
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Traditionally, the word "mogul" has been attributed to men. But Tiffany Pham has redefined it--now, when you Google the word, the top search result is the company she founded: Mogul. The platform enables millions of women, across 196 countries, to connect, share information, and access knowledge.So ..
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You made a great point - but did anybody hear it? Every day at work, people do three things: talk, listen, and pretend to listen. That's not surprising-the average attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. To get heard, says high-stakes communications expert Paul Hellman, you need to focus your messa..
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The most complete and authoritative guide to Gen Z, describing how leaders must adapt their employment, sales and marketing, product, and growth strategies to attract and keep this important new generation of customers, employees and trendsetters.Gen Z changes everything. Today’s businesses are not ..
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A Strategy of Change provides a critical appraisal of current ideas about 'organizational culture', 'total quality management', 'flexibility', and 'excellence', drawing upon case material from a wide range of different organizational settings. This practical, issue-centred approach contrasts with th..
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This beautiful collection discusses the legal and moral implications of some fundamental Islamic principles. With an emphasis upon concision and concentration of meaning each aphorism, and its accompanying commentary is full of value and significance.Dr. Shahrul Hussain is Lecturer in Islamic S..
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'Learning involves doing. Since action learning suggests that we may best master whatever unknown challenge appears by working with others who seek to triumph in the same way, its programmes should be collectively designed and launched by those who hope to profit from them.' Reg Revans based his the..
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Leading researchers from around the world show, in this volume, the importance of accessibility in contemporary issues such as rural depopulation, investments in public services and public transport, and transport infrastructure investments in Europe. The trade-offs between accessibility, economic d..
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Used by companies as diverse as Exxon, General Electric, Arthur Andersen, and British Airways, action learning is a proven problem-solving strategy for individual, team, and organization development. In a unique blend of global examples and the personal voices of front-line managers, Marquardt provi..
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This is a thorough revision of the undergraduate Econometrics text. Accessible, complete, and student-oriented, Basic Econometrics is appropriate for first courses in econometrics at four-year colleges and universities. In addition to the text, students have access to the SHAZY student version o..
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