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For undergraduate and graduate Principles of Management courses. This text connects theory with prac..

N4,000 Ex Tax: N4,000

Management And Organisational Behaviour

This text integrates management and organizational behaviour. Through contemporary discussion of key..

N5,950 Ex Tax: N5,950

Management And Organisational Behaviour Fifth Edition

Building on the strengths of the four previous editions, Management and Organisational Behaviour, ha..

N10,500 Ex Tax: N10,500

Management And Organisational Behaviour Fourth Edition

This work describes how the structure of an organization and the people who work in it affect each o..

N10,250 Ex Tax: N10,250

Management By Hitt, Black, & Porter

This text connects theory with practice, incorporating the latest research findings to make manageme..

N3,950 Ex Tax: N3,950

Management in Practice

This is presented in a way designed to stimulate the student's imagination Each chapter starts with ..

N2,950 Ex Tax: N2,950

Management Systems for Safety. Jeremy Stranks

This guide to the operation of effective management systems for health and safety outlines the impli..

N3,250 Ex Tax: N3,250

Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management

An almost forgotten classic though a founding text of Victorian middle-class identity, Mrs. Beeton's..

N12,000 Ex Tax: N12,000

Project Management for Dummies Book by Stanley E. Portny

Projects have been around since ancient times. Noah built the ark, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mon..

N4,500 Ex Tax: N4,500

Project Management in Easy Steps

Written in clear, jargon-free English, this practical guide walks readers through each step of the p..

N3,250 Ex Tax: N3,250

Project Management: A Practical Approach

Projects have become increasingly important in all areas of professional life. It is therefore cruci..

N4,250 Ex Tax: N4,250

Project Management: A Problem-Based Approach

An ideal text that helps students to identify, manage and solve problems that arise during the lifec..

N7,850 Ex Tax: N7,850

Project Management: Fast Track to Success

Effective managers now recognize that most operational activities aimed at achieving key team object..

N4,500 Ex Tax: N4,500

Project Risk Analysis and Management Guide

The Project Risk Analysis and Management Guide maintains the flavour of the original and the qualiti..

N4,250 Ex Tax: N4,250

Safety Management Systems by Alan Waring HB

Safety Management Systems provides anyone with responsibility for occupational health and safety man..

N4,950 Ex Tax: N4,950

Strategic Human Resource Management Out Of Stock

Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management provides a thorough overview of all aspects of human resource st..

N5,650 Ex Tax: N5,650

Strategic Management Fourth Edition

This edition, which now includes fully classroom-tested case studies, covers the core aspects of the..

N10,850 Ex Tax: N10,850

Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach

Textbook for Business majors or anyone who wants to learn about management...

N5,800 Ex Tax: N5,800

Strategic Management: An Introduction to Business and Corporate

Strategic Management: An Introduction to Business and Corporate Level Strategy By Paul Finlay..

N8,450 Ex Tax: N8,450

Teach Yourself Change And Crisis Management

Written in James Rieley's inimitable plain talk and published in association with the Telegraph Busi..

N3,850 Ex Tax: N3,850