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All Over Print Backpack - Dino

Fun and functional, kids will be “all over” the Stephen Joseph All Over Print Backpack. Perfectly si..

N13,800 Ex Tax: N13,800

All Over Print Lunch Box Dino

Kids will be “all over” the Stephen Joseph All Over Print Lunchbox. Perfectly sized for school age k..

N6,000 Ex Tax: N6,000

Ask Dr. K. Fisher About Dinosaurs HB

Ask Dr. K. Fisher About Dinosaurs answers the problems that trouble Earth's largest extinct reptiles..

N2,500 Ex Tax: N2,500

Craft Apron Dino

Time to get creative? Make sure your kid’s clothes are protected with a wipe-clean Stephen Joseph Cr..

N7,850 Ex Tax: N7,850

Dinosaur Poems Paul Cookson

A collection of dinosaur poems. There are scary ones, silly ones, T-rexes in dresses and Velociprapt..

N750 Ex Tax: N750

Dinosaurs: Atlas In The Round HB Out Of Stock

Dinosaurs: Atlas In The Round HB

With full-color maps in a spectacular three-dimensional rendering, the Atlas in the Round series off..

N4,900 Ex Tax: N4,900

Doodle Dude Pencil Dino

Pencils are just pencils right? Not when they’re a Stephen Joseph Doodle Dude Pencil. Your little on..

N750 Ex Tax: N750

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs - HB

Harry finds some old dinosaurs in his Grandma’s attic. He cleans them up and makes them his own, car..

N1,500 Ex Tax: N1,500

Harry and the Dinosaurs and the Bucketful of Stories HB

Everyone has their favourite Harry story and here they all are in this roaringly good collection at ..

N2,450 Ex Tax: N2,450

Hot and Cold Container Dino

Top quality stainless steel Hot/Cold Container keeps your little student's food ready for lunch.&nbs..

N7,650 Ex Tax: N7,650

I Wonder Why Dinosaurs: A Flip the Flap book HB

Flip the flaps to find answers about favorite prehistoric reptiles. Watch a Diplodocus ward off a pr..

N1,800 Ex Tax: N1,800

Little Squirt Dino

Keep your children hydrated and full of energy with Stephen Joseph Little Squirts. These fun drink p..

N1,980 Ex Tax: N1,980

Long Sleeve Craft Aprons- Dino

We all know how easy it is for your child to dip their arms and elbows in something when they’re doi..

N8,000 Ex Tax: N8,000

My First Book of Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals - HB

My First of Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals Categorizes and describes dinosaurs based on the..

N1,000 Ex Tax: N1,000

My First Dinosaur Encyclopedia - HB

Categorizes and describes dinosaurs based on their eating habits, physical characteristics, and habi..

N3,950 Ex Tax: N3,950

My Tourist Guide to the Dinosaur World - HB

A whole new way to discover the amazing world of the dinosaurs, "My Tourist Guide to the Prehistoric..

N2,250 Ex Tax: N2,250

Sidekick Backpack Dino

Choose from a dozen different designs of this children's sidekick backpack and watch your child beco..

N9,850 Ex Tax: N9,850

Sippy Cup Dino

It can wiggle, it can wobble, but it won’t fall down. The amazing Stephen Joseph Sippy Cups, are not..

N5,700 Ex Tax: N5,700

Smarties Dinosaur Jokes

The latest joke collection in the Smarties Joke Book series. What's in a dinosaur's joke book? Well ..

N850 Ex Tax: N850

Stainless Steel Bottle Dino

This Preschooler (ages 3-7) leak-proof Water Bottle is available in 16 different fun themes, for bot..

N3,850 Ex Tax: N3,850