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This book captures Nike’s flamboyant personality; it also explores how powerful elements of Yorùbá culture and art shaped her life, and influenced her art in diverse ways... In this book, you will travel with Mama Níke through her life story which chronicles not only how she got to be one of the wor..
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Ajayi Crowther: The Triumphs and Travails of a Legend by Femi Osofisan
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This play is about the closing years of the life of Ajayi Crowther, the first black Anglican Church Bishop for West Africa. The play is a blend of fiction and historical facts...
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With an ever increasing number of young Africans diving into the unknown each year, in search of a better life abroad, Segun Adeniyi's From Frying Pan to Fire could not have come at a better time.Through their often heart-rending tales of woe, Adeniyi weaves a powerful and compelling narrative, made..
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A truly multilingual volume of poetry that captures the times, legends and spaces of the city in the mellifluous tone of a court raconteur; Ilorin is the rational hybrid of cultures, its praise-song steeped in the invocation and evocation of indigenous,oriental and western traditions. Written in Eng..
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There is a very subjective sense, near mystical, in which I feel that the mantle has been placed on my shoulders to respond to the rhetorical question posed in the title of this address: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Fortunately this also compels me to discharge the onerous burden of conforming to ..
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Stunted Nigerian Dreams: Musings of A Nigerian Academic and Legislator is a book about the myriads of problems confronting the realisation of the Nigerian dream. It is from the patriotic desire of a Nigerian to see things change for the better. It offers fresh ideas in the way things should be done ..
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The moment Soyinka accepted to sit down to a conversation; I recognised that it would be a waste and a shame to limit our exchanges to a single, narrow aspect of his life and work ... Here was an opportunity that called for a broader consideration of his work – as an artist, intellectual and redoubt..
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