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A Biography of Nike: Bata Mi A Dun Ko Ko Ka
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This book captures Nike’s flamboyant personality; it also explores how powerful elements of Yorùbá culture and art shaped her life, and influenced her art in diverse ways... In this book, you will travel with Mama Níke through her life story which chronicles not only how she got to be one of the wor..
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From Frying Pan to Fire: How African Migrants Risk Everything in their Futile Search for a Better Life in Europe by Olusegun Adeniyi - Hardback
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With an ever increasing number of young Africans diving into the unknown each year, in search of a better life abroad, Segun Adeniyi's From Frying Pan to Fire could not have come at a better time.Through their often heart-rending tales of woe, Adeniyi weaves a powerful and compelling narrative, made..
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Stunted Nigerian Dreams: Musings of A Nigerian Academic and Legislator is a book about the myriads of problems confronting the realisation of the Nigerian dream. It is from the patriotic desire of a Nigerian to see things change for the better. It offers fresh ideas in the way things should be done ..
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