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Indigo by Molara Wood

Indigo by Molara Wood
Indigo by Molara Wood
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The arrival of a second wife causes a woman to reassess her marriage... Another faces up to tough choices in the wake of a military coup... A heroine from history lights the path for a modern girl on the road to Jenwi... A picture on a wall tells its own poignant story of sacrifice... A former cultist must confront an unspoken secret in his family...

From Nigeria to the Diaspora, joy, sadness, anxieties and triumphs fill the canvas with lush, vivid colours. Themes of loss and longing, past and present, home and away, mysticism and modernity, trauma and healing, truth and lies, masculinity and a woman’s place – all are deftly explored in this mesmerising, sometimes devastating collection of short stories.

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