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Children's Encyclopedia of Islam.

This reference tool, which is a humble attempt to place before the English-speaking Muslim children ..

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100 Wonders of the World: From Manmade Masterpieces to Breathtaking Surprises of Nature HB

From breathtaking mountains to towering skyscrapers, this book collects 100 of the world's most stun..

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Children's Atlas of the British Isles HB

A wealth of information on the physical and economic geography of the British Isles is packed into t..

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Children's Encyclopedia  of Animals (Hardcover) Out Of Stock

Children's Encyclopedia of Animals (Hardcover)

Discover the magical world of animals, from Aardvark through to ZebraLove animals? Come on a journey..

N8,000 Ex Tax: N8,000

Encyclopaedic Index of the Quran

The Encyclopaedic Index of the Quran is intended to make the Holy Book approachable to the reader. I..

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Encyclopedia of Islamic Jurisprudence.

A comprehensive book that addresses those matters of life and religion that are essential in facilit..

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Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers - HB

Which dinosaur had a head like a bull? How does a star die? The answers to these and more than a tho..

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Illustrated Encyclopedia of Minerals, Rocks & Fossils of the World

A comprehensive reference guide to over 700 minerals, rocks, and plant and animal fossils from aroun..

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Oxford Hatchette French Dictionary Out Of Stock

Oxford Hatchette French Dictionary

The Oxford-Hachette French to English/English to French Dictionary is one of the most comprehensive ..

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Pears Cyclopaedia 2002-2003

Pears is probably the most useful all-purpose reference book there's ever been...' '.....

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Phillips Encyclopedia 2008 Out Of Stock

Phillips Encyclopedia 2008

Philip’s Encyclopedia is an A-Z encyclopedia with 12,000 entries, 1,066 images, and content covering..

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The Encyclopedic Index of the Holy Qur'an Out Of Stock

The Encyclopedic Index of the Holy Qur'an

This bulky volume is intended to make the Holy Qur'an approachable to the everyday reader. In this m..

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