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Art of the Apology: How, When, and Why to Give and Accept Apologies

Art of the Apology: How, When, and Why to Give and Accept Apologies

Nobody's perfect . . . but anyone can apologize. Maybe you can't make things right, but you can make them better--and even hope for forgiveness. Whether you've been thoughtless, dishonest, hurtful, or just plain stupid, a good apology can transform a clumsy moment into an opportunity for a new beginning. But delivering a successful apology isn't always easy.

Don't know what to say, how you have offended, or how to make up for it?" Art of the Apology: How, When, and Why to Give and Accept Apologies" is a guide to every aspect of the well-executed apology--and a cautionary tale for those who hesitate to say "I'm sorry." Author and attorney Lauren M. Bloom examines the value and the power of "eating crow" how it can contain a crisis, save a relationship, preserve your integrity, even prevent a lawsuit. You "can" regain the trust of those around you, but first you must accept the consequences of your misdeeds and step up to make amends.

Learn "why" you should apologize and "how" to choose the right time and place, whether you want to save face, avoid regrets, or express genuine remorse. Identify the six essential elements of any effective apology--and the thirteen most common ways to botch it. Discover how to make apologies in the workplace, to friends and loved ones, to casual acquaintances, and in public. Find out: 
How to choose your words wisely--and why you should never say "if" How to walk the tightrope of apologizing in the workplace When to plead guilty in person, and when sending a letter, an email, or a gift is better How to say sorry to kids, seniors, strangers, and pals When to make your apology public--and when to keep it private How to ask for an apology--and how to accept one graciously

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