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Idrees in Ramadhaan by Darussalam - Paperback

Idrees in Ramadhaan by Darussalam - Paperback
Idrees in Ramadhaan by Darussalam - Paperback
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Publishers Note In this book for children, the manner of spending the month of Ramadhaan in a right way is shown in an interesting manner. We should teach our children the merits of this month of piety, and show them how to spend the fasting time in obedience to Allah in word and deed. Ramadhaan is not a month of laziness, eating, drinking and wasting valuable time in watching television until late at night. But it is a month of reciting the Qur'an, offering prayers, feeding the poor and doing good deeds to please Allah. The children should learn about it from their early childhood. May Allah help us all in the right upbringing of our children. Abdul Malik Mujahid General Manager Darussalam

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